AEW Accidentally Sends Out Vulgar Poll Question


AEW has a roster loaded with talent. Lance Archer and Wardlow are both big men who can throw their opponents around the ring with ease. There is another word to describe that, but it doesn’t work in every portion of the globe.

All Elite Wrestling recently sent out a poll asking “Who would you rather be tossed by?” The options were Wardlow or Lance Archer. This was an innocent question, but the word “toss” has a much different meaning in the UK.

A “tosser” has the same connotation as a “wanker.” We’re not going to get into more details about what that entails. Cody Rhodes is familiar with lingo from across the pond, and he was quick to send out a tweet saying “…” with an animated gif calling to pay attention to phrasing.

Other fans were quick to point out this oversight by AEW as well. Some answered the question honestly regardless of what AEW meant by their question.

You can check out the tweet and a few reactions below. In case you’re wondering, 68% of AEW fans currently think that Lance Archer is a far better tosser than Wardlow.

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