Tegan Nox Pays Emotional Tribute To Triple H


When you think about NXT stars that have been through a lot throughout the course of their WWE career, Tegan Nox is one that comes to mind.

Nox has been forced to deal with two substantial injuries that have really harmed her ability to rise up through the ranks of the women’s division.

Now, she’s on her way back to the top, and one person that clearly had a huge role to play in that is none other than Triple H.

While fans can mock and ridicule The Game all they want for suggesting that he buries talent whenever he competes in the ring, we have to remember the kind of impact he’s had in NXT.

He has been able to lead the kind of revolution that many of us would’ve thought impossible when the brand was first re-introduced after being canned in the game show format.

Hopefully, Nox can continue to prove why HHH invested so much in her journey.

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