Mick Foley Invites Fans To His House For Help Installing Television

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Mick Foley sent out a few tweets recently because he was in trouble. His two-decades old television died and he needed help installing his new one. It just didn’t seem to be working and this resulted in him asking if someone could come over and fix it for him.

He later stated that the root of the problem seemed to be a missing power cord. Those are very hard to find, especially during a pandemic.

Any Long Islanders out there have some knowledge on installing TV’s? My 20 year old set bit the dust – and I’m having some problems figuring out the install on the new one. Yes, I am asking if someone can come over and do it for me!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think it comes down to a missing power cord. I’m not sure where to purchase one other than Amazon, with almost all non-essential stores closed.

Nobody came over to help Mick Foley, but tons of fans walked him through the issue. Foley later tweeted out that he was all good. He thanked fans for the help, but now it’s time to watch Bill Nighy sing a Christmas song.

Thanks for all the helpful TV tips today. I was able to connect an old TV, and am now watching Bill Nighy sing “if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow!”

Thankfully, Mick Foley was able to get this problem figured out without having to call in reinforcements. A pandemic is never the best time to invite a stranger over to help fix your television.

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