Dustin Rhodes Calls To End ‘Socialist’ Coronavirus Shutdown


Dustin Rhodes might be getting a tired of being in isolation like so many others. As of this writing there are 2,845,859 confirmed novel coronavirus cases worldwide, and 925,758 of those cases are in the USA. Of those American cases, 52,217 people have died. Dustin Rhodes thinks that shutdown is socialism and wants it to end.

In a now deleted Facebook post, The Natural went off on the COVID-19 pandemic’s shutdown. Dustin Rhodes called for it to end and for the economy to open back up. He called the shutdown socialism and said that our economy “will be shot” if they don’t reopen.

“The world needs to open back up and end this mass hysteria. We are not a socialist nation. We are not a democracy! We are a republic. If we go on any longer with this bullsh*t, our economy will be shot and that much harder to kick start. #EndTheShutdown”

“I mean, no doubt we have an epidemic on our hands, and have sustained losses which is sad, but we have to move on with our lives. Take precautions is fine, but end the shutdown please. I CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIFE, GUYS. Jeeze, take precautions, don’t go out if you have a comprised immune system. Wear your masks and social distance. Still open up”

This post was eventually deleted. The attention he gained was likely more than he expected. These are very uncertain times and there are a lot of emotions and opinions running around. Dustin Rhodes got a chance to speak his mind even if he eventually deleted it.

What do you think about this situation? Should America open up already? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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