WWE Keeps Changing Plans For New Superstar

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WWE can make as many plans as they want, but there’s always the chance that things can change. WWE NXT made a change to El Hijo del Fantasma before his debut with the company and those alterations might continue.

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It was originally reported that Fantasma was set to debut without a mask. Those plans changed and he was given a mask. Fantasma previously worked local Florida loop house shows without a mask. He had previously lost his mask in a bloody AAA contest.

WWE NXT filmed promos with El Hijo del Fantasma where he was wearing a different mask. This week on NXT, he defeated Gentleman Jack Gallagher and he had a different mask design on his face. It’s possible that he could wear different masks, but this was a significant change from the mask he wore in the video package.

Following his win on WWE NXT, Fantasma fought off attackers who were trying to kidnap him. We previously reported that NXT is wrapping a storyline around Fantasma based on the Symbionese Liberation Army. We will have to see how WWE NXT books the rest of that terrorist angle.

It is interesting that El Hijo del Fantasma had to fight off kidnappers that he is supposedly leading. This situation will likely be explored in more depth as the weeks continue.

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