WWE Superstar Disliked Backstage — ‘Flashy’ Moves Taken Away


WWE pushes each Superstar for their own reasons. In the end, it is all Vince McMahon’s decision. Some people have a better shot than others at getting that extra momentum.

During a recent episode of the ARN podcast, Anderson opened up about Cesaro. For some reason, the Swiss Superman is not a “favorite guy” in the front office. He was told to stop doing impressive moves and craft the move set we know today.

“He’s not a favorite guy, as you know, of the front office, for whatever reason that is. They’re the only ones that know because everyone else across the planet seems to think he’s a Superstar. But he continued to get leaned on to stop doing all that stuff [impressive moves] as a heel. It was just too flashy and all that stuff.”

Cesaro is still on WWE television on a weekly basis. He is a part of the Artist Collective, but now a focal point. It might not be a good idea to put any money down on a bet about Cesaro getting that main event push in 2020.

It should be noted that Cesaro is loved in the WWE locker room. They know how good he is, but that doesn’t change how the office feels.

Do you think Cesaro is getting a fair shake in WWE? How would you book him? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

Thanks to Sportskeeda for the quote

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