Zelina Vega Reveals What First Attracted Her To Aleister Black


Aleister Black and Zelina Vega are married and have been since 2018. They are stuck in isolation together and recently took part in a Q&A session on their YouTube channel.

Vega certainly got a lot of attention promoting their YouTube channel with a recent photo shoot.

During the Q&A, Vega was asked what attracted her to Aleister Black. His wrestling ability caught her attention at first. Then the person behind all those painful Black Mass kicks really won her over.

“The initial thing was like seeing you wrestle obviously. I was like, ‘oh wow, who’s that?'”

Aleister Black then stated that he doesn’t think he’s everything that people say he is. Vega said that it’s annoying to hear him say that because “I wish I was just a quarter of how good you are.”

Then Zelina Vega continued to explain what brought her to spark that initial interest in Aleister Black.

“Obviously, when I got to know you — I mean, obviously it was that physical attraction but then when I got to know you as a person and I found out how cool you were and how funny you were and sweet you were and then how much we had in common in video games and nerdy stuff. That’s what it was like.”

Zelina Vega is currently occupied leading three WWE Superstars to the ring. WWE has kept the husband and wife duo apart on television, but they are still living a happy life away from the company when they can nerd out at home.

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