WWE NXT Superstar Believes They Were Released Over Statements About Coronavirus


The novel coronavirus is the subject of many conversations. WWE had to fire a ton of people due to COVID-19 and Kendo Kashin believes he was axed due to statements he made about the pandemic.

The former WWE NXT Superstar spoke to Tokyo Sports, and he was quite candid about what he thinks about the novel coronavirus pandemic. Uproxx reports that he believes that he lost his job over those comments now he “can’t go back to Japan.”

In the interview translated from Japanese, Kendo stated that it wasn’t all that bad in America during the pandemic. We have food in the supermarkets and our utilities are on. It is much better in the USA than in Japan following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

He also spoke about the novel coronavirus and seemed to diminish the threat posed by this highly contagious and unpredictable disease.

“It’s the same as in Japan, you can go out for shopping at a supermarket, so it doesn’t feel like there aren’t so many people. The cars are running normally. In Florida, when a hurricane comes, there is no water. It’s gone, but it’s more abundant than at that time.There are almost no masks, but during this time, I sold for 7 dollars (about 760 yen) per piece at a Korean supermarket. I still bought 40 pieces at a time. ” I don’t think I’m in a panic. “It’s like” Costco “(a large supermarket) began to disinfect equipment such as carts, and others started to follow. For a while, toilet paper and strong flour were out of stock, but now Unlike the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have electric, gas, and water lifelines, and food is available. “

“Although more than 10,000 people die from influenza every year in the United States, it did not pose a problem at all. I think this is the root of the increase in the number of infected people.”

“I think it would be good if the culture of masks and hand-washing could be rooted in this opportunity. People still have very different consciousness. If you think there were people wearing gloves and masks, supermarket clerk I don’t wear anything, some people are masking and driving the car with the windows fully open … In my case, it’s a double mask, so it’s perfect.”

Kashin also stated that there are a lot of cars on the road and accidents as well. Then he gave some insight to what he is doing during the pandemic:

“I’m actually on holiday 7 days a week. The video meeting started this week, but I don’t have time to do it. When I went to my colleague’s house, I said, ‘No, don’t drink beer?’ Then, while I was drinking, I got dark and went home at night … Yes, that’s how I got into this situation before I got medical insurance, so if I get infected, I have to deal with car insurance. I pray that the world will overcome this hardship.”

International travel is impossible due to travel bans. The novel coronavirus has impacted Kendo Kashin in a big way. Hopefully, he can figure things out.

Regardless of whether WWE axed Kashin because of the comments he made in that interview, he’s still unable to go back home.

What do you think about the novel coronavirus pandemic? Should America re-open? Sound off in the comments below!

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