WWE Drops $500 Custom Title For The Rock


The Rock is an 8-time WWE Champion, but he never got his own custom title. WWE made one for him, but that Brahma Bull Title never saw the light of day.

For years the legend of The Rock’s Brahma Bull Title remained a big mystery for WWE fans. Why did the title never debut? Now the company has released a fan version of that legendary title.

In 2018, Belt Fan Dan revealed to Fightful that the Brahma Bull title was actually made. There is a very interesting reason why it wasn’t used.

“The actual belt did exist. Joe Marshall did make it for WWE. It featured a 3D Brahma Bull head. What happened was the belt was actually lost in the mail. He sent the belt via FedEx as the story goes, and it was magically lost. WWE decided to go a different direction, but a few weeks later it was found. This belt was a myth for years until WWE finally decided to display it at Axxess.”

WWE released a Brahma Bull Championship Title. The $500 price tag might be a little steep for some fans, but it is certain to interest some fans.

Designed as The Great One’s answer to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “Smoking Skull,” this title never appeared on RAW.  According to rumors going around the internet, it was because the “Brahma Bull” championship was lost in the mail before it could be debuted. But The People’s Champ has since revealed a simpler explanation: WWE just decided to go in a different creative direction, and the title was placed in the archives.

Until now…

You can check out this new custom title below. It might have never been featured on WWE Television, but plenty of fans would probably love to display this on their wall.

What do you think about the Brahma Bull Title? Should WWE have used it on television anyway? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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