WWE Considering Released Superstar Return After People ‘Loudly Went To Bat’ For Them Backstage


WWE released a slew of Superstars last week. A ton of people were fired from WWE’s corporate offices and backstage. One Superstar looks to be already coming back for something.

Maria Kanellis teased that she has a big announcement during Raw this week. Fightful Select reports that this is a personal project of Kanellis’, but the company is apparently planning to bring back Sarah Logan.

There is reportedly speculation in the locker room that Logan will be back with WWE “in some capacity in the near future, if she isn’t already.” It was also reported that “numerous people loudly went to bat for her.”

Speculation among the locker room is that Sarah Logan is expected to be back with the company in some capacity in the near future, if she isn’t already. As with the case with anyone getting fired, there will be plenty of unhappy people, but we’ve heard numerous people loudly went to bat for her.

Sarah Logan is married to Erik of the Viking Raiders. She is well-liked backstage, but there wasn’t a single Superstar who was released last week that was disliked.

There is no guarantee that Sarah Logan will be on WWE Raw this week. It is a good sign for her that things of this nature are being discussed.

What do you think WWE is planning for Sarah Logan? Sound off in our new and improved comment section!

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