WWE Re-Writes History Of Jeff Hardy’s Previous Arrests


Jeff Hardy recently came back to WWE after nearly a year out of action. He’s back and receiving a proper build-up through inspirational video promos on Friday Night SmackDown.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted one very interesting omission WWE made to Jeff Hardy’s video package. He was arrested for one drug that they didn’t mention at all.

“When they were talking about his arrest and they were showing clips of his arrests you know like those news stories about his arrest they erased the steroids. They mentioned everything else, but not steroids. If you remember he had a bunch of steroids when he was arrested at that time, too.”

It was noted that “the real bad arrest” a couple weeks after he quit WWE was the one which included steroids. WWE mentioned a couple of Jeff Hardy’s demons during Friday Night SmackDown, but they left out any mention of steroids.

Hardy was arrested in 2009 for possession of anabolic steroids and trafficking controlled prescription pills. According to WWE, there were no steroids involved in that arrest, or else they would have mentioned it.

Why do you think WWE cut out the steroids part of Jeff Hardy’s story? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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