Why Vince McMahon Made Decision To Forget Going Live Every Week

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WWE was under the impression that they needed to provide live content or they would lose money promised to them in their television contracts. They were able to work out a deal and go live, but also tape episodes at the same time.

Ringside News exclusively reported that a high-power deal was worked out. Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that NBC/Universal and Fox were not answering press inquiries about the subject. Then Vince McMahon was able to arrange a deal where it wasn’t essential that WWE runs their essential business live in order to fulfill their television obligations.

“Vince did that because he was afraid, I do not know whether Fox or NBC/Universal hinted to Vince about the weekly thing — it is in the contract. Vince thought because if it’s in the contract if I do more taped shows they can screw the contract.”

“There is a lot of press inquiries that these guys didn’t answer like ‘are you gonna cut their money if they don’t produce live programming?’ I think at some point both companies did tell Vince this week ‘we will not cut your money if you don’t go live.’ So Vince changed the schedule and he made it not go live.”

Hopefully, the novel coronavirus pandemic doesn’t last so long that WWE will have to change their plans for the summer. At this point, SummerSlam in Boston might be iffy. In fact, WrestleMania 37 next year isn’t even a sure thing for their current location.

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