How WWE Is Mixing Up Their Live Taping Schedule

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WWE is not forced to go live anymore. They were able to work out a deal with their television networks. This also caused a big change to WWE’s taping schedule.

Ringside News exclusively reported that WWE will begin taping their shows on the 27th. This is still the plan, but WWE’s taping schedule isn’t going to get any less confusing.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mapped out WWE’s future taping schedule. It sounds like Superstars might get a week off, but it still doesn’t do them much good when a two-week quarantine is essential to make sure that no symptoms of COVID-19 are found.

“The schedule is still, they’re still not taping five shows at a time. I don’t even know why, you know what I mean? It’s like now they can, but they’re not. They’re taping less, but let’s just say RAW as an example. RAW is going to be live his coming Monday and the Monday after that will be taped. So then RAW will be back on May 11th so they’ll do a two-day taping on May 11th and May 12. Then they’ll come back on the 25th They’re essentially gonna be going through May basically every other week if you’re RAW.”

“Then in June they’re gonna be going back to taping every Monday as a money saver instead of going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they’re gonna be going Monday and Tuesday — this is the June schedule so you go RAW Monday and you tape SmackDown on that same Monday right before RAW and then NXT on Tuesday. Then you come back Monday, RAW and SmackDown and then NXT on Tuesday and they’re gonna be taping more NXTs… so that’s basically the schedule.”

It was noted that Superstars still won’t be able to go home and self-quarantine for two weeks. This situation is better for management as it saves money on plane tickets. Some Superstars will travel half as often. The new taping schedule is certainly more about making things easier for WWE than their Superstars.

What do you think about WWE running live shows during a pandemic? Should they have just taped a month’s worth of programming and went home? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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