Heath Slater Takes Light Shot At WWE For Never Giving Him Merchandise

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Heath Slater was released from WWE after being with the company for 14 yeas. He did a lot during his time in WWE, but he only got one official t-shirt out of the deal.

The “I Got Kids” t-shirt ironically came out of an angle where Slater’s job was threatened. Now that he was actually released, he’s getting his second t-shirt which pokes a bit of fun at the first.

Slater sent out an Instagram post informing people that his second official t-shirt dropped after 14 years in WWE.

Attention Attention Go to @prowrestlingtees where after 14 years you can grab my 2nd ever official t-shirt.

Indie wrestling is much different now than it was 14 years go. Now Heath Slater can call his own shots. He can also release as many t-shirt as his heart desired.

We’ll have to wait for events to re-open considering the dramatic freeze this entire situation brought to everyone’s lives. It seems like Slater is on the right track.

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