Seth Rollins Tells Story Of Kickoff Show & The Usos

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It’s safe to say that Seth Rollins hasn’t been receiving the best publicity in the media as of late.

His defiance in wanting to defend WWE at all costs has been called into question, and now that he’s one of their biggest stars, it doesn’t appear as if that trend is going to slow down anytime soon.

So instead of thinking about the present, Seth wanted to take us back to the past with a really fun memory.

That match at Money in the Bank may not have been the one and only catalyst behind their rise to prominence, but The Shield definitely knew how to make a statement – and they knew that they needed to prove themselves to get what they wanted.

Back then, Rollins and his Shield brothers weren’t afraid to mix things up and get involved in some backstage politics – but nowadays, it feels like they largely stay away from that.

Hopefully, somewhere down the road, we see Reigns and Rollins vs The Usos on an even bigger stage.

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