Matt Hardy Issues A Warning To Sammy Guevara


While we’re only in the early stages of Broken Matt Hardy causing havoc in All Elite Wrestling, fans are already excited and intrigued by what they’re seeing.

In addition to his work with Chris Jericho, the leader of The Inner Circle, it appears as if Hardy is interested in going after other members of the faction, too.

One such example of that is none other than Sammy Guevara who has been making quite the impression since his initial debut in AEW.

Whether or not the pair will go to war remains to be seen, especially in the current climate, but it’d certainly be interesting to see what kind of performance Sammy could put up against The Broken One.

Some have questioned AEW as they continue to put on shows, despite advice suggesting that isn’t the best idea right now.

Either way, though, it appears as if they’ll keep churning out content for as long as they possibly can.

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