WWE Using Loophole To Get Enhancement Talents For Main Roster

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WWE and NXT worked out a deal. Vince McMahon agreed to not use NXT Superstars on the “main roster” if they’re being used on NXT television. There is a bit of a loophole in that agreement.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained how WWE can use 205 Live Superstars on main roster programming. This might be considered a call-up if they were full NXT Superstars. It’s not the case with 205 Live Superstars.

They aren’t considered NXT Superstars even though 205 Live now falls under the NXT umbrella. This is a loophole that Vince McMahon continues to use so he can have enhancement matches.

“The deal is that if you are a 205 Live guy you can come on — YES, you can be on NXT and you can be on the main roster and you can lose on both. So, the guys you think they’re beating that are NXT guys are actually 205 Live guys.”

WWE has a lot of enhancement talent that they can call when needed. It appears 205 Live is their own holding area for talent they can pick from to put over main roster Superstars. They might appear on NXT as well, but they don’t count in regards to the previous arrangement that Vince McMahon worked out with Triple H.

What do you think about how 205 Live Superstars are being used? Should WWE end all brand lines at this point? Sound off in the comments below!

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