Vickie Guerrero Reveals Priceless WWE Memorabilia She Found In Storage

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Vickie Guerrero has a lot of very cool things around her home. Some things are apparently waiting to be discovered in storage.

Guerrero recently tweeted out a picture of a handwritten booking sheet from 2002. There is a lot of history included on that piece of paper as she captioned the photo saying: “Cleaning out some boxes and found a priceless gem of memorabilia.”

This 2002 booking sheet has some amazing matches on it including a main event of The Undertaker vs Ric Flair. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit also teamed up on this circle of bookings. It appears that this was the plan for all house shows between July 12th and July 15th, 2002.

When Jim Ross saw this booking sheet, he replied saying: “Very authentic…that’s a hand written booking sheet.” It’s the real deal, and in JR’s own handwriting.

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