Maria Kanellis Not Happy After MULTIPLE Social Media Accounts Deleted For Violating Community Guidelines

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A lot of people depend on Facebook to communicate with each other, especially during a pandemic. Maria Kanellis will have to figure out a new social media platform because Facebook just axed every account she had.

Kanellis jumped on Twitter to let fans know why they can’t find her on Facebook. Her account wasn’t the only one deleted. An Instagram account for her daughter, her business’ Facebook, and a page dedicated in remembrance to her grandfather was also taken down.

@Facebook deleted my account. I don’t know why. They have also deleted my fan page, my event business page, my daughter’s Instagram page and my grandfathers memorial page honoring his recent passing. I have tried contacting them to no avail. These are their emails in response.

Maria Kanellis sent Facebook multiple emails, but the pages are still deleted. The are citing her breaking their community guidelines. We wonder what happened to cause this. Hopefully, they can figure something out.

Why do you think Facebook and Instagram took her accounts down? Sound off in the comments below!

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