Major Changes to Ringside News & Our App


Over the past few weeks you may have noticed some changes to Ringside News and it’s mobile app.

We have decided to change up the site after several years of the layout and features being stagnant. At Ringside news we believe it is important to evolve as a website and keep growing and changes must be to achieve this.

You may have noticed that we have added a “light” and “dark” mode feature to the website, which should make it easier on the eyes when reading articles. In addition to that, we have rolled out a “community” section of the website for our readers.

The community section will allow our users to interact on articles by posting comments. Those comments will also be available on our activity feed for our users of the site as well.

In addition to commenting, users can also post photos, videos, quotes and status updates in the new community section. Users of the website will have full access to their profiles and will be able to make changes just like any other social media site out there when logging into their account. All these features are available in our latest mobile app 7.0.0 update. So if you haven’t updated your app, you may want to do so.

Over the next few weeks we plan on rolling out a new “Free-for-All” section. This section will basically be like our own form of Reddit where users can submit topics media, share links or whatever else they want. Fans will be able to “upvote” and “downvote” these topics.

With these changes, we will also be DISCONTINUING our DISQUS comment section very soon. We believe our new comment system and community section will be better long-term for our users. So if you are a reader of the site and want to make comments in the very near future, you should register with us.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer in the weeks to come. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me directly on the site.

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