The Undertaker Reveals Why WWE Didn’t Go With Buried Alive Match At WrestleMania

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The Undertaker and AJ Styles went to war in a cinematic match to cap off part 1 of WrestleMania 36. The Boneyard Match won’t be forgotten any time soon, but some fans wondered why WWE went with that unique name.

While speaking to Nine Line Apparel on a live stream, The Undertaker revealed why WWE didn’t go with a Buried Alive Match.

AJ Styles booked the match. He went with that name because he didn’t know any better. That explains a part of it, but WWE also wanted to present something at WrestleMania that was new and would pique fans’ interest as well.

“Well, if I would have made the match, I would have said, ‘Okay, this is a Buried Alive Match,'” Undertaker stated. “AJ Styles doesn’t know anything about Buried Alive Matches, he called it a Boneyard Match, he’s the one who made the match, so, now it’s a Boneyard Match. Even Buried Alive Matches generally happened in the arena, so I think we were just trying to give our audience something like, ‘What is that?’ We try to add a little bit of intrigue and get people talking.”

The Boneyard Match might have ended like a Buried Alive Match, but it was different in practically every way. WrestleMania 36 could have seen the start of something new for WWE as they explore cinematic matches.

AJ Styles and Undertaker had a great time doing this match. Styles did later warn that WWE needs to be selective of what matches they present in a cinematic format or it could ruin the idea. The Undertaker isn’t certain if WWE will do another Boneyard Match.

What did you think of the Boneyard Match. Who would you like to see compete in the next one? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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