William Regal Calls Last Night’s WWE NXT ‘Demanding & Emotional’

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For the first time in a while, it didn’t really feel like fans universally believed that NXT hit a home run during a big show last night.

The circumstances surrounding the show obviously didn’t help, with many wondering whether or not pro wrestling shows should even be allowed to go ahead right now.

One man who recognized and appreciated the struggle taken in putting the show together was none other than NXT general manager William Regal.

The hope is that NXT can continue to put on shows for the foreseeable future, but the growing uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic – especially in Florida – could hamper those plans.

Regal has always represented NXT brilliantly as one of their most trustworthy employees, and he continues to be a great authority figure on their programming.

When the next time is that we see him on our screens, though, is anyone’s guess.

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