The Undertaker vs Sting Is A Real Possibility Once Again In WWE

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The Undertaker and Sting have yet to meet in the ring for a real match. Time passed them by and that contest seemed impossible. WWE’s new cinematic style could open the door for those two legends to collide in some fashion.

WrestleMania 36’s Boneyard Match brought a lot of praise from fellow WWE Superstars. The look of that cinematic match could have sparked many more to come. The Undertaker is also expected to remain in his revamped American Badass character when he returns as well.

During Jerry Lawler’s recent podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer opened up about how The Undertaker vs Sting is now a big possibility now that WWE has opened the door to cinematic storytelling.

“Now in this style, we could easily have The Undertaker in the match that they’ve always wanted to have forever, Sting. Can you imagine watching that in that cinematic style that the Boneyard Match was done in? It could be done. That was a perfect location for the Boneyard match in a cemetery. The Undertaker and Sting can be done in any kind of setting and it could be amazing.”

Vince McMahon always said of WWE that “we make movies.” This was a very famous line from Beyond The Mat that is quoted just as often as “he’s gonna puke!”

WWE started producing cinematic matches out of necessity. That could provide an opportunity to revisit some rivalries that might not have been previously possible in a conventional setting.

Do you want to see The Undertaker vs Sting in a match similar to the Boneyard Match? How would you book a confrontation between the two? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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