Jake Roberts Says People Breaking Stay At Home Orders Should Be Arrested

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Jake Roberts is aware of what is going on in the world right now. The coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of people to stop their lives as it creates a very tough situation for millions of people.

Stay at home orders are in place throughout much of the United States. Those states who have neglected to issue such orders are not being looks at favorably. Jake “The Snake” Roberts certainly doesn’t like people breaking CDC recommendations and he thinks there should be stiff penalties.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Jake Roberts said that he’s very sick of these people breaking isolation suggestions. He said that people should be put in jail in this awful environment that we’re all facing right now.

“We’ve all got to pull together. It really chaps my ass to see people not paying attention to what they’re asking us to do and they’re doing the same old thing they always do. It shows you how selfish some people can be. They’re gonna cause this thing to last longer than it should if we just do the right thing now. People like that should be arrested and put in jail.”

We can only hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will level off soon. If we want any chance to returning to normal everyone will need to take this situation seriously. At this rate, it might be easier said than done.

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