Lio Rush Teases Reunion With Bobby Lashley

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Last night on Monday Night RAW, we saw what appeared to be WWE taking the first steps towards Bobby Lashley and Lana’s coalition, and ‘marriage’, coming to an end.

While it almost seems too obvious that Lana will go running back to Rusev, there’s a whole lot more uncertainty regarding what the future could hold for Lashley.

One idea, as teased on social media, is a potential reunion with his former manager Lio Rush.

Rush has enjoyed a decent run with the Cruiserweight Championship as of late, but he definitely seems to shine brightest when he’s being thrust into a managerial role.

Whether or not WWE wants to go down that route again remains to be seen, but if they do, Lashley would have a much better chance of rising up the card – potentially through to the main event scene.

For now, though, the real question is whether or not WWE will even be able to keep putting on shows.

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