Lance Archer Responds To Kevin Nash Saying He Beat Up A 5th Grader On AEW Dynamite

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Kevin Nash tweeted out praise for WrestleMania 36. He stated that he was entertained by the event and the show of shows provided a service of taking fans away from their problems for a while.

Another fan offered his opinion to Big Sexy. This fan didn’t appreciate the cinematic style of the Firefly Fun House and Boneyard Matches. That prompted Kevin Nash to take a little shot at WWE’s competition.

No, the Lance Archer vs a 5th grader was riveting television.

Archer saw this tweet from Kevin Nash. He probably had more than a couple of fans point him toward the post. Lance Archer replied saying: “Haha. Oh cmon @RealKevinNash I had a blast! Marko. Not so much. And ya gotta dig the #Wolfpack colors.”

Kevin Nash then elaborated on what he meant by his tweet. He explained that Lance Archer is a “Great talent and guy. First match did nothing for him. He established a Finishing move he can’t hit half the roster with.”

Archer was quick to remind Kevin Nash that he’s hit 400 pounders with that finisher before. It just takes a different tactic.

Thank you brotha. Always respect.

. I have however hit that move on 400lb guys. Slightly different set up. But. Still got it done. You’ll see! Muhahahaha (evil laugh to lighten the mood)

Nash and Archer wished each other well after that. They obviously have respect for each other and hope that the other is doing well and staying healthy during this time.


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