WWE Employees Too Afraid Of Stephanie McMahon To Correct Botched WrestleMania Line


Stephanie McMahon is a lot like her father. She knows the way she wants things done. She’s fired people for going off-script before.

Ringside News has learned that Stephanie McMahon flubbed a line from the WrestleMania intro for night two and people are talking. The line she messed up is an important one because WWE owns the phrase.

WWE registered a trademark for “Too Big For Just One Night.” That slogan appears on WrestleMania t-shirts and they’ve been saying it since the show of shows was split in two.

Stephanie McMahon misplaced the “just” in the phrasing during her WrestleMania intro for the second night. She only said “Welcome back to the show that is just too big for one night.”

This might not seem like a big deal, but it would be for Stephanie McMahon if anyone else flubbed their lines around her. Since Stephanie McMahon was the one who flubbed the line nobody said anything.

It was told to us that “people in WWE are talking about it, but no one will say anything publicly” because “everyone fears her.” Stephanie McMahon apparently isn’t the kind of woman who you can give notes to.

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