Pete Dunne Reacts To Fan Saying WWE ‘Wasted’ Him In NXT UK

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Pete Dunne did a lot of things in WWE’s NXT UK brand. Wasting his time is not one of them, but one fan seems to think that’s what he accomplished.

One fan commented on an older memory of Pete Dunne and said: “back before your talents were wasted in NXT UK.” This seemed to trigger Dunne and he needed to reply. Since he’s in isolation and had plenty of time, The Bruiserweight was able to concoct a well thought-out response.

I was champion for 685 days (longest reign of any title company wide), since then I’ve been in the royal rumble, wrestled for the NXT title at survivor series and I’m a current tag team champion. Don’t like replying to these kind of tweets but some of them are too daft not to.

We have to give the point to Stallion Dunne on this one. In case this fan wants to say that Pete Dunne is being wasted in NXT, that’s not true either. He is currently 1/2 of the NXT Tag Team Champions.

Dunne might not be on WWE NXT television for a while since he’s stuck in the UK and can’t fly back to Orlando. He is still a vital part of the NXT roster which isn’t likely to change until Vince McMahon wants to show this fan what it really means to waste Pete Dunne.

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