Enzo Amore Rips WWE’s Decision To Hold WrestleMania 36 In Empty Performance Center

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Enzo Amore had a lot to say about WWE’s decision to hold WrestleMania 36 inside an empty Performance Center. He had a much different way of looking at things.

Amore learned how to become a pro wrestler in the WWE Performance Center. He’s had tons of matches in that very building with nobody watching.

As he opened up to Chris Van Vliet about WrestleMania, Amore admitted that he felt bad for those Superstars who were faced with the challenge of making wrestling in an empty Performance Center feel special like WrestleMania.

“[It’s a] horrendous [idea]. You ask for my honest opinion? I have had more wrestling matches in an empty Performance Center [than anyone knows]…and oh my god I couldn’t imagine being told ‘you’re going back there to do WrestleMania.’”

“I mean, I feel for the Bayleys and the Charlottes. The Sashas of the world, the [ Corbins and the Elias Sampsons that have had these countless matches under that same umbrella, literally like f*ck.”

“I can’t wait to pop Michael Cole sitting ringside. I can get, if I can get a f*cking, you know, a pop out of Jerry Lawler? My day will be made here at WrestleMania.”

WWE did everything they could to present WrestleMania 36 for fans. This awful global pandemic happened in the worst time imaginable for WWE.

The show of shows was produced in front of zero fans, but WWE made it work. It wasn’t the same as a typical WrestleMania event, but WWE seems to be getting used to producing zero fan shows.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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