John Cena Says WWE Is Reaching Farther Than Ever

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WWE is doing the best they can to extend their global brand. New Performance Centers are likely to spring up across the planet in the next few years as they continue spreading their pro wrestling influence.

John Cena was a big part of WWE for a very long time. He might not get much availability to take part in matches or angles, but he realizes the difference the company can make.

While speaking to After The Bell, John Cena discussed some of the performers on WWE’s roster who are helping the company extend their reach.

I think the business is reaching farther than ever, it continues to reach farther than ever. A segmented group of performers – Roman, Braun, Sheamus, New Day, The SmackDown roster, the Raw roster, the NXT roster – you don’t have one person you go to see. If you go to an NXT show, you go to see eight or nine people. You go to a Raw, you go to a SmackDown, you go to see eight or nine people. I don’t think there’s ever been more potential under one roof than right now.

John Cena is set to take on Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36 in a Firefly Fun House match. That will likely be a very unique environment with a ton of Hollywood tricks.

It’s uncertain when John Cena will be able to come back to WWE following WrestleMania 36. He can obviously look around and see no shortage of talented performers itching to take a top spot in the company.

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