Edge Wants To Blow Minds At WWE WrestleMania 36

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Edge is slated to take on Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36. His first singles match in nearly a decade will take place in front of zero fans, but he wants to make it count.

While speaking to GQ, Edge discussed his upcoming WrestleMania encounter against The Viper. He wants to “blow people’s minds” and give them the best match of his career.

The Rated R Superstar also revealed how focused he is to tell a good story at the show of shows. He’s bringing in elements of many things he’s learned during his hiatus which could make for a very entertaining last man standing match.

“It is, but what a challenge! That’s what I’m going for,” Edge said. “I want to blow people’s minds, man. I really do. I want to come back at 46 years old and be in the shape that I always wanted to be in. Right now, I have it all dialed in. My diet is now taken off my plate, so I can fully concentrate on telling the story I want to tell. I want to bring elements that I learned on Vikings, that I learned on The Flash, that I learned on Haven, and bring them into a wrestling match. By the time this is all done, however long it lasts, my goal is that people will say, ‘He was better now than he was then.'”

Edge and Randy Orton have already filmed their match. WrestleMania took place last week, but the company is editing it together. It sounds like Edge was pretty confident of what he was able to do with Orton on the grandest stage of them all.

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