Chris Jericho Calls Out Fake Idiot Social Media Account Claiming To Be Him

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Chris Jericho isn’t one to sit back and let someone use his name without permission. He has worked very hard building his brand so he’s not going to let a fake social media account with under 300 followers speak for him.

Jericho recently logged onto Instagram only to discover that someone was jacking his likeness. It doesn’t appear that they have been doing anything nefarious while using Jericho’s name, but you never know what someone’s intention is when opening one of those accounts.

Chris Jericho was quick to screenshot this impostor page and send out a notice to fans and Instagram informing them of the phony.

This idiot is a fake. Please report and block them…..Thx guys! @instagram

We’ve seen a fake account claim to be Drew Gulak in the past week and try to scam fans out of credit card numbers while using COVID-19 as an excuse. You can never be too careful online. At least Chris Jericho was able to make sure that his followers know this isn’t the genuine article.

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