Bray Wyatt Proves He Hasn’t Forgotten What Randy Orton Did To Him

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It’s important to remember the history of pro wrestling as well as look ahead to the future, because sometimes, calling back to something that happened in the past could be useful for upcoming storylines.

One man who has always done a great job of making everything he does feel important is none other than Bray Wyatt.

While he may have his hands full with John Cena at WrestleMania 36, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him move on to another future WWE Hall of Famer later in the year.

Wyatt isn’t someone that is going to forget what Randy has done in a hurry, and neither should he – because the guy literally burned his house to the ground.

While Orton may also be a heel right now, there is certainly room for this feud to happen with The Fiend now roaming the streets of WWE.

If it does happen, though, Wyatt needs to be the one who has his arm raised in victory.

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