David Otunga Pranks Son Big Time With Fake Poo On April Fool’s Day

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Today is April 1st which means it is April Fool’s Day. This is usually a day devoted to big pranks, but a lot of people decided against that this year due to current global events. David Otunga was not going to let the coronavirus ruin his April Fool’s Day plans.

Otunga set up his son with a classic prank. The Harvard graduate was sitting on the toilet and he asked his son to bring him some TP. This is when David Otunga smeared chocolate on his son which caused him to freak out in massive fashion.

This is the hardest I ever laughed in my entire life! I canโ€™t watch this without laughing! Enjoy!

Chocolate / Poo

Prank with Little David


Check out the video below to see David Otunga really get one over on his son. It was one of the better reactions to this prank that we’ve seen so far.

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