WWE RAW Results – March 30, 2020

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Aleister Black makes his entrance to face another unknown talent.

Aleister Black Vs. Jason Cade

The bell rings and Cade runs at Black but he avoids it and hits a rolling kick to drop him. Black sits folded legs in the ring until Cade swings a kick but Black catches it. Black reverses a kick and hits Black Mass for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

We see a replay of Seth Rollins’ promo from last week. Seth will team with Andrade and Angel Garza to face Kevin Owens and Street Profits next.

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Zelina Vega and Angel Garza come to the stage and she announces that Andrade is unfit to compete. However she has access to all the hottest talent in WWE. Vega introduces NXT newcomer Austin Theory as Garza’s partner.

Kevin Owens & The Street Profits Vs. Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, & Angel Garza W/Zelina Vega

We start the match with Theory and Owens, and Owens clocks Theory with a right hand, then chops him and forces him to the corner. Owens pounds Theory into the corner before tagging Dawkins. Ford tags in right away and Dawkins back body drops him onto Theory, then Garza runs in and the Profits flapjack him onto Theory. The heels roll from the ring to regroup.

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Back live and Garza knocks the wind from Ford with a dropkick to the chest. Theory gets the tag and he chops Ford and hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Theory takes a rear chinlock and Seth coaches him from the apron. Ford fights out but Theory hits a rolling dropkick for another two-count.

Ford counters Theory and tags Dawkins, who knocks both Seth and Garza from the apron before knocking Austin to the corner. Seth tags himself in and drops Dawkins with a superkick as he’s running over Theory. Seth and Owens talk trash. Theory tags back in and stomps Angelo, before applying another chinlock.

Tag to Angel and he kicks Dawkins and applies a camel clutch submission. Seth tag back in and hits a snapmare and a kick to the back of Dawkins. Rollins kicks out of a roll-up and hits a slingblade. Angelo hits counters a kick and hits an enziguiri. Tag made to Owens and Garza, and the former hits the latter with repeated chops and a senton.

Cannonball to Garza in the corner, followed by a swanton bomb but Theory breaks the pinfall attempt. Montez runs in with an enziugiri to Theory, then hits a tope to Theory on the floor – Theory wasn’t really in the right spot and Ford basically landed flush on the ramp. Owens catches Garza with a Stunner for the win.

Winners: Kevin Owens & The Street Profits

As soon as the bell rang Seth ran in and hit Owens with The Stomp. Rollins then leaves, unconcerned for his partners.

We see a trailer for The Big Show Show, which comes to Netflix next week.

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Kevin Owens is still sitting in the ring when we return. He says Seth just kicked some sense into him because he’s been thinking a lot about what Rollins said last week. And he has a lot to say.

Last Monday, Seth walked around the PC and said the building was built by him. And that everyone that came through it had him to thank. But he’s heard otherwise. He’s heard the PC was built in spite of Seth. From the moment he stepped foot in the warehouse in Tampa, he was a nightmare to deal with. He thought he knew everything and thought he was better than everyone. And these past few months, Seth has done a tremendous job in proving all these people right when they called him an arrogant “dip$hit.”

He’s aware of his own past and the choices he made. But he’s not delusional like Seth is. Last week Seth proved him right and talked all about his big WrestleMania moments and referred to himself as a god and Owens as a failure. He says those words stung and stayed with him but he knows how skewed Rollins’ views are. He has all the same accolades as Seth, he’s been Universal Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, etc. And he’s man enough to admit that he never won any of them without someone standing by his side, watching his back. And so did Seth.

Rollins has always had back-up or found some nefarious way to get his big WrestleMania moments. And the only thing he said last week made sense; that when you get to WWE nothing you did before it matters. And that will be so true come Saturday, because neither of their pasts will matter. The only thing that will matter, is that it’s the two of them one-on-one. And he will prove to Seth that he is not a prophet, messiah, or god, when he beats him and makes his own WrestleMania moment. This Saturday, he will be the one to burn it down.

Edge will be live on RAW to discuss his WrestleMania Last Man Standing match with Randy Orton!

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