Kofi Kingston Says Vader Was A Very Big Fan Of Big E

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Vader passed away too soon. He wasn’t able to experience an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame before he died on June 18th, 2018. The New Day have a very interesting story to tell about Big Van Vader.

During The New Day: Feel The Power, they told a story about how Vader went to visit the WWE Performance Center. Big E said that he connected with Vader and was in awe about how Vader could hit the splits and carry on a conversation like nothing was out of the ordinary.

Later on, Kofi Kingston recalled when the New Day hosted the WWE Hall Of Fame. Kofi said that when Vader met them backstage he only seemed interested in catching up with Big E.

“You remember when we hosted Hall Of Fame and Vader was there? Vader had no interest in myself and Woods — zero interest. ‘Nice to meet you guys — oh!’ he’s just looking at you and putting you over and your size and your ability to move and just the look of joy in his eyes just seeing that you made it, you know what I’m saying? I was happy for you, but for me and Woods, you know? He didn’t care at all. We didn’t make weight for your boy.”

Big E said that “you guys have your Shawn Michaels of the world, you have your Bret Harts.” Kofi Kingston then replied saying: “Shawn Michaels never looked at me the way Vader looked at you […] it was beautiful.”

E had Vader and he seemed very proud about that fact. We can only assume that Vader would be very proud of everything that Big E and the New Day have accomplished.

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