Kayla Braxton Warns Fans Of Impostor Account Posing As Her

WWE has a few people on their payroll that others might like to impersonate. Kayla Braxton doesn’t play games like that, especially when someone is trying to pose as her.

The WWE The Bump host is going to be very busy this week. She still had time to jump on Instagram and alert people of a phony account.

“This is not me I only have one and only one Instagram,” Braxton warned fans as she posted a screenshot of an imposter account. This new account only had 56 followers at the time. At least a lot of people weren’t tricked by this impersonator.

WWE Superstars have needed to warn fans about these kind of accounts in the past. Sometimes scammers will use Superstars’ likenesses to get cash from fans. This is obviously something Kayla Braxton wanted to shut down before they had a chance.

Written by H Jenkins

I love pro wrestling and hate BS. These two things drive me.

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