Chelsea Green Reveals New Poolside Bikini Thirst Trap Photo

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WWE Superstars are doing what they can during this trying time just like everyone else. Chelsea Green is helping too with a new bikini poolside picture.

Click here for another steamy photo of Chelsea Green to brighten up your self isolation.

Green recently uploaded a new bikini picture of herself emerging from the pool. The caption she picked for this particular photo was quite telling as well. Apparently, she’s out of content after this final thirst trap photo.

Just going to go ahead and put this thirst trap up… I’ve run out of content, lucky you.

Chelsea Green will likely have plenty of chances to snap more pictures in the future. It’s not likely that she’ll slow down on the sultry Instagram content. In the meantime, you can enjoy this recent addition to her thirst trap collection.

The Robert Stone Brand has to be proud.

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