AEW Dynamite Results – March 18, 2020

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The Dark Order come to the ring – just Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. Uno says he hopes the AEW production team is smart and they focus on him and he can talk directly to his people. He says the Exalted One is near and when he arrives he will breathe new life to the Dark Order. He says Grayson and others have done work to get them to this point.

He has promised the arrival of the Exalted One and he never breaks a promise. He says the Exalted One is near but Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels interrupt. They get into the ring and Daniels says it has been like this for three months. He says he’s sick of the lies. He says there is no Exalted One, it’s just Uno and Grayson.

A video plays on the screen. The Exalted One introduces himself with a distorted voice. He says the Dark Order will do what it wants, when they want. He’s wearing a white and gold robe. He takes the hood down and it’s Brody Lee. He says the word is out and Christopher Daniels is not safe. He says Daniels is not the first out of touch old man to believe in him but he’s going to make damn sure that he’s the last. He says his name is Brody Lee and he is the Exalted One.

Daniels and Kazarian turn from the screen and Lee is in the ring with Uno and Grayson. He attacks Daniels with a discus lariat, then stands alongside his followers.

*Commercial Break*

Jake Roberts and Lance Archer are with Tony Schiavone. Roberts says that Cody has disrespected them and as a result, this is personal now. We then see a video of Archer wrestling nobodies in a backyard with a dwarf announcer. Somehow that was meant to be impressive.

Next week on Dynamite, Luchasauras will face Wardlow in a lumberjack match, Best Friends will have a parking lot brawl with Death Triangle, and The Inner Circle faces The Elite in a Blood & Guts match.

The Elite make their entrance for the main event.

*Commercial Break*

Chris Jericho makes his entrance and joins the commentary team. Sammy Guevara sings along to Judas with MJF at ringside.

The Inner Circle w/sammy guevara Vs. The Elite W/KENNY OMEGA

The match begins with Cody and Santana, and the latter attacks the former from behind. Santana puts Cody against the ropes and chops him. Whip the ropes reversed and a powerslam from Cody. Ortiz gets a tag and teams with Santana to hit a back suplex.

Cody counters a suplex for one of his own, then tags Matt to hit a double axe handle. Jackson and Cody team to beat Ortiz, then Hangman runs in to deliver a big boot. The Elite bicker a little, allowing Ortiz to hit Matt with an enziguiri. Santana tags in and continues beating Matt, but the Buck bounces out of the corner with a spear.

Hangman tags himself in as Matt was preparing for a second spear. Santana punches Hangman a few times, but Page fires back. Santana misses an enziguiri, then Hangman hits a pumphandle slam for a two-count. Cody gets the tag but gets double-teamed by Santana and Ortiz. Hager gets a tag and he knocks Hangman and Matt from the apron, while Santana and Ortiz beat Cody on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Santana has Cody up for a suplex but he hands him off to Hager, who hands him off to Ortiz, who hits the suplex. Cody rolls from the ring but Ortiz goes after him and tosses him into the barricade a few times.

Matt Jackson attacks Ortiz on the floor but Hager pulls him off and throws him aside. Everyone gets back into position and Santana applies a submission to Cody near the heel corner. Hager tags in and he punches Cody. Hager applies a wristlock, then switches to a front facelock. Hager puts Cody in the corner and delivers repeated shoulders before tagging Ortiz.

Ortiz with an inside cradle for a near-fall, then drags Cody to his corner and tags Santana. Tag made again and Cody counters Ortiz and hits a CrossRhodes. Ortiz tags Hager but Cody flips him over the ropes. Cody tries to tag out but Ortiz runs in and attacks him, then Hager returns and drags Cody back to the Inner Circle corner.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from the final break of the night and Hager looks to hit a Vader Bomb on Cody but eats a foot. Cody makes a tag to Hangman, who runs in with a boot to Santana, then knocks Ortiz from the apron. Page with a fallaway slam to Santana, then dives over the ropes onto Hager.

Hangman hits a sliding lariat to Santana but Ortiz breaks the pinfall. Cody comes back and knocks Ortiz out, then hits a suicide dive. Cody tosses Ortiz over the barricade into MJF. Wardlow grabs Cody, but Arn Anderson hits him from behind. Meanwhile Hangman is brawling with Hager on the floor.

Matt Jackson hits Santana with two northern lights suplex, then teams with Page to hit one to Hager. They make amends for a minute and look to hit an Indie Taker but Ortiz pulls Hangman from the apron. Santana rolls-up Jackson for the win!

Winners: The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle have won the advantage for the Blood & Guts match, allowing them to have the first entrants in the match. We see replays of the match while Jericho talks over it.

Jericho says they knew they already had the advantage, but they just beat them. Jericho says he doesn’t care if the world changes tomorrow, he’s banning all fans from all AEW events forever. And after what they did to Nick Jackson, The Elite only has four members, so they have a big advantage.

Hager does a push-up with Sammy Guevara on his back, while Jericho says they’re all best friends, while The Elite hate each other. They’ve dominated AEW and they’re gonna dominate Blood & Guts as well. Sammy asks Brandi if she wants to hit him up. A drone flies down, yes a drone, and Matt Jackson says The Elite isn’t outnumbered. He says it isn’t just four, he made a phone call and they have a fifth. The drone lands in the ring, but then the camera cuts to the stands and BROKEN Matt Hardy is standing! Jericho looks terrified as Hardy chants DELETE!

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought and come back tomorrow for more wrestling news. Until then, good health!

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