Nia Jax Takes Shot At 4 Horsewomen For Having No Talent

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Nia Jax is currently out of action, but her knee injury has healed up. Now she’s just waiting for the time to come for her return.

While Jax is out of action she’s watching Shayna Baszler run roughshod over the women’s roster. The Irresistible Force doesn’t seem impressed.

The Rock’s cousin sent out a tweet saying that she’s just going to start her own version of the 4 Horsewomen. Apparently, “talent has nothing to do with it.”

I’m just gonna start another 4 horsewomen group so I can get booked, bc talent has nothing to do with it.

(Triggering people in 3…2…1. )

Nia Jax highly expected people to be triggered by her statement. She wasn’t wrong, because plenty of fans were irritated.

Nia Jax could come back at any moment and shake things up so she’ll have a chance to back up her words.

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