WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Results

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The Street Profits are backstage and cut a promo about tonight’s PPV thus far. Ford says everybody is waiting for March Madness but they need to remember the Profits are not just one-and-done. They are up and they want the smoke.

RAW Tag Team Championships

(C) The Street Profits Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy W/Akam & rezar

We start the match with Seth Rollins and Angelo Dawkins, and they lock-up but Rollins quickly breaks free and goes to his corner and tags Murphy in. Dawkins takes a wrist but Murphy grabs a headlock. They hit shoulder tackles at the same time, then Murphy slaps Dawkins, who then leaps over him and drops him with a shoulder.

Ford and Dawkins make some quick tags to isolate Murphy and beat him down. Seth tags in but gets caught with a few arm drags from Ford. Seth clips him with a right hand and tags Murphy, who runs in and gets caught with an arm-drag. The Profits toss both Rollins and Murphy onto the apron and dropkick them off. Dawkins chases Murphy around the ring and comes back into get a knee. Seth tags in and beats Dawkins down and puts him in the corner with a submission.

Murphy is legal again and he attacks the leg of Dawkins. Angelo kicks Murphy over the ropes to the floor. Ford tags in and he hits a springboard crossbody to Murphy and knocks Rollins from the apron. Ford drops Murphy, then kicks Rollins from the apron again, and hits a standing moonsault to Murphy. The former Buddy rolls from the ring and Ford dives over the ropes onto him and Seth.

Ford get attacked by Akam and Rezar as he attempts to get back in the ring, while Seth was distracting the referee. The Viking Raiders come down and attack Akam and Rezar, with the fight spilling backstage. Meanwhile Seth is holding Ford in the ring with a sleeper. Murphy and Rollins isolate Ford in the corner. Ford eventually counters Rollins and tags Dawkins, who comes in with dropkicks to Murphy and Rollins.

Dawkins hits splashes in the corners, followed by a bulldog to Seth. Tag made to Ford and they hit a double-team Sliced Bread to Seth. Dawkins tags in but Seth hits Ford with a slingblade and tags Murphy. Murphy and Seth team to drop Angelo with superkicks, then the same to Ford. Murphy attempts a Pedigree but gets slingshotted into the buckles and Seth tags in. Seth leaps in but gets dropped and Ford looks for a frog splash but Rollins got his knees up.

Seth attempted The Stomp but nobody’s home and Murphy tags in. Rollins and Murphy hit the Buckle Bomb/Enziguiri, followed by a meteora from Murphy for a near-fall. Rollins attempts a suicide dive to Dawkins but gets caught and hit with a t-bone suplex on the floor! Murphy goes up top but Ford punches him and climbs up alongside Dawkins, but Rollins comes back and powerbombs them both, while they superplex Murphy, and everyone is down!

Kevin Owens comes through the crowd with a bag of popcorn. He comes to the barricade, climbs over, and sits on the announce table near Rollins. KO throws popcorn in Seth’s face but then Dawkins comes from behind with a huge tackle to Rollins into the barricade. Murphy then dove over the ropes onto the Profits but got caught and tossed into the barricade. Back into the ring and Dawkins hits a splash, followed by a frog splash from Ford for the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

After the match Kevin Owens gets into the ring as Seth Rollins is berating Murphy. He’s still eating his popcorn but he sets it aside and hits a Stunner! Owens then lifts his popcorn and leaves, but not before dumping some over Murphy.

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