WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Results

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SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Elimination Chamber

(C) The Miz & John Morrison vs. The New Day Vs. The Uso’s Vs. Lucha House Party Vs. Heavy machinery Vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

Our first two teams in the match are The New Day and The Uso’s, while we already know Ziggler and Roode will be the last pod released. The match begins and both teams talk trash and circle the ring before throwing hands. This Philly crowd has been shockingly quiet all night. Kofi ducks and leaps over Jimmy before hitting a back elbow. Jimmy follows-up with a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet and dropkicks him.

Big E grabs Jimmy after beating Jey down in the corner, and hits a shoulder tackle. Big E with a belly-to-belly, but Jey comes off the top rope with a crossbody for a two-count. Kofi comes off the top but botched his dive. Jey with an uppercut to Kofi, then he and Jimmy put Kofi on the top rope and look for a double suplex but Big E stops it and tosses Jimmy from the ring. Both teams are at a stalemate as the clock hits ten seconds.

The first team released from the pods is Lucha House Party and they hit both Uso’s with enziguri’s, followed by springboard dives onto Kofi and Big E. Metalik hits Jey with an enziguiri, then they both him repeated moonsaults but Jimmy breaks the pin attempt. Dorado and Metalik chop Big E but he counters but throwing them both over the ropes. Kofi runs at Big E, who throws him up and over the ropes onto the Lucha’s.

New Day put the Lucha’s side-by-side, then Kofi leaps for a double elbow drop but nobody’s home. Big E then misses a spear into the corner and hits the post. Dorado jumped from the ring to the cage but his leg got stuck and he fell back but quickly got back up the cage – no idea how he didn’t break his leg. Dorado gets on top of a pod and Kofi leaps up with him to brawl on top, but Metalik comes up as well to join the fight. Kofi gets knocked down, then both Lucha’s jump onto The Uso’s and New Day. The timer is back.

The second team released is the Champions, Miz and Morrison. They come right after New Day, and beat both of them into the cage. They get Dorado in the ring and hit a double Alabama Slam, followed by running knees and a shooting star press from Morrison. Metalik breaks a pin attempt but he gets put in the tree of woe and peppered with kicks. They hit a double-team gutbuster to Jimmy Uso, then focus on Jey but he throws Morrison over the ropes and kicks Miz, only to get hit with a neckbreaker/double stomp combo for a near-fall.

Morrison hits Dorado with a crucifix powerbomb but Metalik breaks the pinfall. Metalik jumps onto the top of an empty pod and jumps off with a huge hurricanrana to Morrison but Miz breaks the pin. Kofi returns with dropkicks to Miz and Morrison, and a Boom Drop to Miz. Kingston looks for Trouble In Paradise but Miz ducked and John hit him with a springboard kick. Big E returns with a belly-to-belly to Morrison, then hits Afternoon Delight with Kingston for a near-fall.

Heavy Machinery are the next team released and they just drop everyone with shoulder tackles. They toss Jimmy and Jey to the outside, then splash them against the chamber over and over. Lince gets on the top of a pod, meanwhile Tucker hits Metalik with a sidewalk slam. Big E gets hit with a double body attack from Tucker and Otis, followed by the caterpillar. Everyone gets back in the ring and starts brawling but Lince Dorado comes off the top of the chamber with a shooting star press – the middle of the chamber – onto everyone!

Heavy Machinery hit the Trash Compactor to Gran Metalik and score the first pinfall. Lucha House Party Eliminated. It’s time for Ziggler and Roode to be released, so Otis and Tucker surround their pod and they try to keep it closed. Miz and Morrison attack Heavy Machinery from behind and team with Ziggler and Roode to beat them down.

Tucker launches Morrizon over the ropes, as Ziggler climbs to the top of a pod to escape Otis. Tucker climbs up with Ziggler and bashes his face into the plexi-glass wall! Tucker tosses Ziggler off the top and onto Otis, who drops him on the top rope. Knight then does a front flip off the pod onto everyone else!

Otis brawls with Ziggler on the outside but Roode returns and looks for the Glorious DDT but gets flipped onto the floor. Otis runs at Ziggler, who is standing by his empty pod, but misses and runs through the pod and out of the chamber onto the floor by the announce table! Doctors come down to check on Otis, so Tucker turns is attention to Ziggler and Roode and fights them in the middle of the ring. The fans are finally coming to life. Knight avoids a Fame-Asser but gets hit with a superkick and a Glorious DDT. Heavy Machinery Eliminated.

Ziggler and Roode mock Otis as he’s helped to the back by Tucker and referees. Dolph turns around into Trouble In Paradise from Kofi, and Big E hits the Big Ending to Roode. Jimmy and Jey then come off the top of opposite pods to hit splashes to Roode and Ziggler for the pinfalls! Ziggler & Roode Eliminated. We’re down to three teams, and the Champions get pounded down by The Uso’s and New Day.

Kofi and Jimmy both hit superkicks to Jey and Big E, then each other. Big E hits a Urinagi to Jey, but Jimmy catches him with a Samoan drop and everyone is down. Kofi climbs to the top of the pod and jumps at one of the Uso’s but misses, and Morrison and Miz run in and dive onto him for the pinfall. The New Day Eliminated. And we’re down to two.

The four of them start throwing hands and The Uso’s throw them to the outside. Miz and Morrison springboard into the ring but Jimmy and Jey hit superkicks to both. Both Uso’s go up top and hits splashes but Miz got his knees up, leading to two simultaneous pinfalls but both kick out. Miz looks for a Figure Four but gets kicked off. Miz shoves Jimmy into Jey, and hits a Skull Crushing Finale but Jimmy kicks out.

Miz gets Jimmy in a Figure Four and Morrison hits him with Starship Pain in the submission but Jey breaks it up. Jey superkicks Miz, then Morrison for a near-fall. Miz hits a sunset flip pin and Morrison dives over as well to double the pin, and Miz puts his feet on the ropes for the win!

Winners: The Miz & John Morrison

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