WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Results

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Elimination Chamber 2020, the final stop on the road to WrestleMania, begins with a video package talking up the importance of tonight’s PPV.

We go live to the arena in Philadelphia and out comes Daniel Bryan to start the show.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Drew Gulak

The bell rings and Gulak takes the centre of the ring, inviting Bryan to come at him. The fans chant for Bryan as he circles the ring. They lock-up and Gulak hits Bryan with a fireman’s carry. Bryan takes the wrist of Gulak but the former Cruiseweight Champion counters, shoots Bryan off, and hits a shoulder tackle.

Bryan looks taken aback. Bryan takes a side headlock but Gulak gets him in a headscissors. Bryan does a handstand to get free, then applies a single leg Boston crab. Gulak kicks himself free and attempts a single leg crab of his own. Both men wind-up holding a leg each and kicking each other with the other. The fans are surprisingly dead for this. The referee separates them and Bryan rolls from the ring and the fans boo.

Bryan gets back in the ring and ties to choose his attack, and goes for an ankle-pick into a surfboard stretch but Gulak pushes himself free and applies a surfboard of his own. Bryan breaks free and swings a kick to the back of Gulak’s leg. They go to lock-up but Bryan kicks the inside of Gulak’s leg. Bryan swings again but Gulak catches his foot and slaps him in the face.

They exchange stiff shots in the corner and Gulak takes Bryan down to work on his leg again. He gets Bryan in a scissors again and Bryan again does a handstand, but this time Gulak hits something like a seated piledriver. Gulak puts Bryan on his back and swings him around before hitting a neckbreaker.

Gulak puts Bryan in the corner and chops him, then looks for a suplex but Bryan blocks it. Bryan counters Gulak and suplexes him over the ropes but Gulak holds on and they both go flying over to the floor. Both men get back in the ring at 8 and Bryan goes to the middle rope. Bryan kicks Gulak a few times and jumps at him but Drew catches him and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Bryan yelled out loud and held his neck, then the referee checked his hand.

Gulak takes a sleeper on Bryan, who reverses into a pin attempt for a two-count. Bryan then ducks Gulak and hits a dragon suplex into a pin for another two. Gulak hits Bryan with a German suplex for a two-count. Gulak hits Bryan with a massive release German suplex and Bryan landed right on his head. Bryan rolls from the ring but gets back in at nine.

Gulak chops Bryan in the corner, but Bryan rallies and flips over Gulak before delivering a running elbow. Bryan delivers some Yes Kicks in the corner and climbs up for some punches but Gulak crotches Bryan. Gulak climbs up behind Bryan and hits a reverse suplex from the top rope! Gulak gets Bryan in a reverse dragon sleeper but he escapes and gets Drew in the Yes Lock and he passes out.

Winner: Daniel bryan

That was a really cool, unique match that the fans just weren’t there for for some reason. We see some replays of that gnarly German suplex that planted Bryan on his head. Bryan celebrates and points at Gulak to give props.

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