Sid Pulled From Event For Not Fulfilling Obligation

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WrestleMania weekend is bringing a lot of people to the Tampa area. The show of shows is still scheduled despite the growing threat of coronavirus. WrestleCon is going to be a popular attraction during that time as well, but one former WWE Superstar won’t be there now.

Fans noticed that ‘Sycho” Sid was pulled from WrestleCon. He was booked to take part in the “Sid Vicious Softball Invitational.” After all, there are some pretty famous stories about how much he loves softball.

When asked why Sid was pulled from the event, WrestleCon sent back a tweet. They informed fans that Sid never followed through with his obligation. They’ve been waiting on a video from him since November to promote his Softball game, but that never happened.

We cancelled Sid because he didn’t do what we asked of him since November. We asked for a simple video confirming he was booked and Sunday was to be the “Sid Vicious Softball Invitational”, but after 4 months, he couldn’t do this for us.

Perhaps another vendor will “take a chance” and book Sid to come in. WrestleCon said that he’s more than welcome to show up in that situation. He also no-showed WrestleCon in Orlando so it appears this is a trend for Sid.

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