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Ringside News has recently rolled out an all-new app update. It is very important that you update to our latest 6.0.0 version, as the previous app versions will stop working.

Our new update includes several bug fixes along with a slightly new look when browsing articles. We have also added a section below the comment section that has featured articles and forward & back navigation.

In-app support has also been added as a feature. You can now contact us directly if you are experience any issues while using the app.

More features are expected to be added over the next couple of weeks and we hope you enjoy all our efforts put into the app. If you could leave a good review for our app in Google Play or App Store, it would be much appreciated.

NOTE: If you were experience the app freezing with Android phones on the new update, try clearing the cache or uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

You can get the latest app update from Ringside Apps, Google Play or the App Store.

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