Mustafa Ali Says He Will Make WWE Fans Want To Think

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WWE has a loaded roster of Superstars, but they don’t have time for everyone to get a spotlight. Mustafa Ali wants that to change.

Mustafa Ali didn’t have the 2019 that he wanted for himself. He has remained off television for a majority of 2020. Some fans even believe that the recent glitches during SmackDown are hinting at his repackage.

Ali sent out a tweet on Wednesday morning announcing that he only wants to make people think. In the end, he will make fans want to think.

Some make you want to laugh. Some make you want to cry.

I will make you want to think.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Mustafa Ali in WWE. He has a ton of ability, but he had bad rough patch of injuries in 2019 that stunted his momentum in a big way. Now we will have to wait until another opportunity comes his way in WWE.

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