Impact Wrestling Reveals Tessa Blanchard Diary Documentary From Day Of Hard To Kill

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Tessa Blanchard went through a lot before winning the Impact World Title. She had to fight an uphill battle on television to get the match. Then a social media storm came her way on the day before.

One day prior to Hard To Kill, Blanchard sent out a tweet about women supporting other women. That resulted in a lot of unexpected backlash coming her way.

Sienna brought up a story about Blanchard spitting in Le Black Rose’s face and calling her the N-Word. This allegedly happened during a 2017 tour of Japan and Rose confirmed the story.

Other women came forward claiming that Blanchard bullied them as well. Tessa Blanchard has out-right denied ever using a racial slur.

It’s not clear if Impact Wrestling will cover Tessa Blanchard’s controversy in their upcoming backstage documentary. That situation certainly provided a backdrop for Blanchard’s historic title win.

The Diary Of Tessa Blanchard will be released on March 2nd at 2:00 PM EST.

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