Jon Moxley Says Chris Jericho Is ‘Trying To Be The Greatest Of All Time’

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Jon Moxley is in for a fight at AEW Revolution. He will face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Title. He revealed that if he wins the belt it will mean more to him than when he picked up the WWE Title.

While speaking to Sportskeeda, Jon Moxley discussed his Revolution opponent. He put Jericho over saying that he’s hotter than he’s ever been. He’s trying to be one of the greatest of all time and Jon Moxley is willing to fight and see who goes down first.

“Chris Jericho is arguably hotter than he’s ever been, and that’s really saying something considering Chris Jericho’s career. I think he’s not just trying to be good every week he’s trying to be the greatest of all time. And like I said I’ve been running through competition; killing dudes—you’re getting the best version of Chris Jericho and the best version of Jon Moxley at the same time and something’s gotta give, somebody’s gotta go down.”

Chris Jericho has experienced a ton of reincarnations in his own career. We’ll have to see what’s next for Y2J, but the moniker of Le Champion isn’t one he’s going to give up without a fight.

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