Naomi Calls Bayley Out For Cheating After WWE Super ShowDown Loss

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Bayley and Naomi made history at WWE Super ShowDown. The SmackDown Women’s Title didn’t change hands, and Naomi is calling out Bayley’s underhanded tactics.

During the closing moments of their Super ShowDown match, Bayley tied up Naomi’s feet in the t-shirt that she was made to wear. Then she planted Naomi’s face into the mat to get the pinfall.

WWE tweeted out a clip from the historic Super ShowDown encounter. The tweet said that Naomi was “willing to do WHATEVER it takes” to win. Naomi saw this after the WWE roster landed in Boston, and she had to comment.

“I should have been willing to cheat like Bayley.”

The SmackDown Women’s Champion tweeted back at Naomi saying that at least she can “hella dance.”

The feud between these two might not be over. Naomi vs Bayley was slated to be on the WrestleMania 36 card. We’ll have to see if they end up continuing in that direction.

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