AEW Star Says He Invented King Corbin’s End Of Days Finisher

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Pro wrestling finishers come from different places. If you ask Evil Uno then he knows exactly where King Corbin’s End Of Days came from.

Evil Uno tweeted out a “true story” claiming that he invented the End Of Days finisher. He was inspired from a swing dancing routine, but he claimed to have invented Corbin’s finisher.

True story: I invented the End of Days.

I mean, I stole it from a swing dance routine I saw on TV, but yeah… I’m its father.

One fan commented to Evil Uno saying: “Now I also recall that you used a Canadian destroyer in the early Player Uno days, but around the time Petey brought it to TNA, im sure i recall you doing it early on.”

The Dark Order member replied back saying, “I did the first ever double underhook version back then, but I stole the basic principle from Petey for sure.”

It sounds like Evil Uno isn’t letting go of the fact that he invented King Corbin’s finisher. The 2019 WWE King Of The Ring winner has yet to respond.

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